This is your TIME to shine and your MOMENT and I am not just talking about you going BIG online, I mean it's your time to break into the Media too and use the power of Social Media in a more strategic way, as there is a GREAT CHANCE that you aren't securing consistent media interviews on TV, Radio, Podcast Shows and features in Newspapers and Magazines (left, right and center) the way that I KNOW YOU CAN! 

If you are honest with know that you are OVERDOING IT with SOCIAL MEDIA, perhaps you are spending too of your time on Instagram, Facebook or on other platforms. Pouring too much of yourself into those Facebook groups, live streaming like a PRO, making videos, creating killer content, webinars etc. AND THAT IS GOOD, WELL DONE, YOU DESERVE GREAT REWARDS FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE. But if you have found it draining, exhausting and overwhelming at times it's time to add some MEDIA MOMENTS to the mix which will change everything for you and for your brand (if you let it).  

But if you are honest with will agree with me that you have probably completely LEFT PR and the Media to the back burner in your have probably caught yourself saying things like:

- I don't need PR right now.
- I'm not ready to be in magazines, on TV, featured in blogs etc. 
- I don't even know what to say to a journalist even if I did get them on the phone.
- PR is for the big gurus and the big celebrities not for a small business like mine.
- I don't even know what PR is anyway?
- I will start trying to get featured in the media once I get my website rebranded my website yet etc.

If  you know that you think of these thoughts then I've got news for are OVER-DUE for PUBLICITY and it's time that you master the art of attract publicity for your brand with total zeal and passion and finally GET IN THE GAME before publicity creeps up on you when you least expect it and throws you off guard BIG TIME. 
Over the 7 weeks of working together I will help you get completely ready for all things PR and Media so that you never have to shy away from being more visible again and so that you can JUMP at opportunities to shine on camera, on stage, print, press, publications, on online and offline shows...locally and globally!

Imagine how much more MONEY you will make in your business with the right support, accountability, strategies, creative ideas and when you truly leverage the power of Social Media and Publicity in a better way to boost sales, attract new clients, and to increase your money flow...and begin to shine in the Media and on stages and on a variety of shows like never before....let's do this!

Here's what we will cover:
Themes that we will Cover During our Sessions

Create your Media Page or your Press Page! Learn How to Create your Media Kit to have a Brand that appears so much more professional. Discover exactly what you need to have on your Media Page to Attract Even More Publicity for your Brand. Find out the exact steps to take to have a Media Page like the Experts and Celebrities that you admire to appear more professional in front of your fans and clients. Learn how to Package yourself like a Professional for Media Bookings and Gain Ideas for Creating your Professional Demo and Showreel
Discover where you are going RIGHT or WRONG with your Social Media platforms from a PR and Media perspective. Disocver how to Use Social Media to attract Media Interviews, Publications, Features and Press. Discover How to Use Facebook, YouTube, Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram more strategetically! Discover how to create a BUZZ about your brand in a way that attracts the attention that you publicity and more super fans as you dream of and desire! Overcome your fear of being MORE visible on Social Media
Discover Powerful Tweaks to Make to your Website to make your website stand out! Attract More Publicity, Sales and Fans! Increase the MEDIA Traffic that comes to your Website. Learn or improve your MEDIA COPYWRITING SKILLS,
​​​​​​speak the language of the media through powerful YOUR CONTENT i..e Blogs, Videos and Graphics so that you can EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY attract PR and Media enquiries and amazing opportunities from speaking gigs all the way to TV Interviews! Learn how to get more Media Logos on than ever before on your website. 
Discover How to Pitch to the Media in a Powerful way that gets them to want to SAY YES to featuring you. Write amazing press releases and powerful stories that will get you featured in Newspapers, Magazines and on TV, Radio and Podcast Shows. Learn How to Write Great E-mails, Great Letters and How to Speak on the Phone with Journalists, Reporters, TV Hosts, Bloggers, V-loggers, Podcast Hosts, Radio Presenters etc in a way that Makes them want to Feature you
Master your Interview Techique to be Outstanding for Media Interviews. We will do role plays and prepare for all interviews that you have fast approaching. We will go through Common and Media Tough Interviews Questions that I think that the Medias are likely to ask you and help you give the best answers for each question. This alone will help you to overcome nerves and anxiety around Media Interviews
Develop the mindset of a Celebrity Female entrepreneur that's always in the MEDIA. Overcome small thinking and HIDING from fame and unleash the SUPERSTAR in you! Find out exactly how to increase your stage presence and light up the room at LIVE events AND MEDIA APPEARANCES! MAKE THE CAMERA FALL IN LOVE with you and delight your fans and followers in AMAZING WAYS online and offline. Reach hundreds of thousands or millions with your message, gifts, talents, products and services. 
Featured Testimonials
Liene Urensina

Certfied Coach,
Liene Urensina Coaching 

"I had a PR and Media Strategy Session with Queen Chioma and I found the session to be so valuable and a great eye opener. Queen really is an excellent PR and Media Expert. In the session Queen helped me to see that I have great potential to be on Podcast shows, in Magazines and on TV and she gave me tips, success secrets and ideas that I could implement to make my dreams a living reality! She also helped me to see how I can engage more with my fans on Social Media based on leveraging the power of branding and she gave me ideas on how I can create a buzz for my upcoming website which is coming out soon. I highly recommend that you work with Queen because she truly cares and wants her clients to succeed"
Diana Joy
Certified Biz Success Coach&Creative Strategist 
"Queen is a go-to expert when it comes to Mastering Your PR & Media presence. Not only she is the superstar herself. She's got some really powerful real-deal strategies in hands that will instantly up-level your PR & Media game as a female entrepreneur. If you are looking for ways to grow your following, become a widely known across different Media Platforms and therefore, have bigger Impact in the World. Hire Queen!"
Chani Mehlman
Certified Professional Life Coach and Addictions Counselor
"Working with Queen was truly great! I am so grateful to have found her on Facebook! I really enjoyed how Queen showed me exactly how to add media to my website in a way that will bring in more clients. She also explained the the steps that I needed to take in order to get speaking engagements and TV interviews. She showed me how to take advantage of some of the media coverage that I already have. The secret she shared is that media is about the art of taking what you have, and showing it to the world while growing, and landing more media opportunities (TV, Speaking engagements, Online interviews or articles)..."
Sal Rezai

Certified Bookkeeper for small business owners

"Queen knows her stuff! In just a few hours she gave me months of specific PR actions steps toward growing my visibility and launching my next video. Queen answered all my PR questions, helped me prioritize where to put my energy, and even helped me brainstorm some product and offering ideas. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and fun. For those who are lost or stagnant in the world of PR, and visibility who want direct, customized feedback and direction, I would highly recommend a session with Queen"
Nadia Rae
Professional Blitz Organiser for Female Entrepreneurs 
"Queen's work with me was INCREDIBLE! To be honest, while I knew PR and Media was important I secretly felt it was above me in my new business (which is weird as I attracted it in my old business) but with my change in direction it knocked me back to ground zero. Before our work together I was literally clueless as to what the next step was and if it was even possible for me?!?! Queen helped me gain total clarity around what is possible (everything!!) and that my non-supportive beliefs were simply blocking mega potential media attention to support my brand. What I loved most was her own insights and tailoring her advice based on me, my style and what she thought was a good direction for me along with what I wanted as well. I felt really supported and have a clear direction now. Thanks so much for your assistance with this I'm super excited for what's ahead...aka...nothing boring"
Samantha Laurilla
Professional Singer and Vocal Coach
"I thoroughly encourage people to attend one of your courses! Many years ago I attended one of Queen's events ‘Determined to Succeed’ seminar and I can honestly say that I left this event feeling truly motivated and empowered. The key speakers spoke expertly and engagingly, sharing their insider advice and providing invaluable hand-outs. Sharing the day with these inspirational individuals filled me with the courage, self-belief and willpower to achieve my dreams...And it prompted the biggest change in my life... I quit my office job and committed to singing full time... Best decision in my life and I wouldn't have be able to do it without Queen...". 

What will happened when I sign up and where will the coaching sessions take place (i.e. Skype or Face to face)? 
You will receive a welcome e-mail from me within 24 hours with a list of inspiring PR and Media Questions to help you prepare for the Coaching Sessions that we will have :-) I will also send you a link to my calendar for you to book your first session or sessions! We will meet once a week for 1 hour via Skype or Zoom. 

What will I receive over the 7 weeks group coaching programme?   
You will recieve: 
1) 7 x 1-1 Coaching (each session lasts for 1 hour)
2) Access to me via e-mail and Facebook voice notes
4) Bonuses include: My POWERFUL Pitching to the Media service where I will pitch to the Media on your behalf and follow up with them (20-30) along with a 12 mins Videos Critique and a 2 page Review.  
5) High levels of Accountability
6) High levels of Support
7) AMAZING PR and Media Training and Coaching over the period of 7 weeks! 

All Coaching calls are client led so we can cover topics that you need help with over the 7 weeks! I am here to support you fabulous :-)

This programme is going up to £2,200 soon but you will be getting all the above for only £1497, for a limited time! How fabulous is this?

I would like a bit more information, how can I e-mail you
Yes for sure, please send over an e-mail to also feel free to book a PR and Media discovery session with me today by clicking on the button below.
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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us".
- Marianne Williamson
The Investment is
1 x Payment of £2897
Or 3 x Payments of £1,081

Please note that there are only 2 spots left for this offer and the bonuses will go away HURRY grab your spot ASAP!

Dr. Tracy Timberlake
Award Winning Beauty V-logger, Six Figure Visiblity and Video Marketing Strategist 
"I have been working with Queen for 3 months as she has helped me to expand my reach though online media and PR...In just a few months, we have been able to secure an feature in a UK magazine, a feature in Lady Boss Blogger, and I've had three podcast interviews which includes the amazing show
"Introverted Entrepreneur" which was listed in 2014 as the top 25 podcasts for entrepreneurs, she has also helped me to create my Publicity pack!  I definitely would recommend working with Queen if you are wanting more publicity for your brand! You won't regret it!"
Your PR and Media Coach
       Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons)
My name is Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons) an International Motivational Speaker,  
TV Presenter, Success Coach& a PR and Media Expert.
I work with Multiple 5 to 7 Figure Female Entrepreneurs, helping them to break into the Media and attract good PR and publicity for their Brands! I've worked with over 150 Beauty Queens, Models and Entrepreneurs many have been on the cover of magazines, on popular blogs, on radio, on TV and in lots of newspapers! I'm on a mission to help over 200 inspirational to break into the media this year! I've been on TV over 100 times on channels which includes ITV, BBC 1, ITV 2, ITV Be, Ben TV, RSTV (Nigeria), Latin TV and Dutch TV and I've been on Radio shows such as BBC London Radio, and in Magazines and Newspapers such as OK Magazine, The Echo, The Islington Gazette
and the Voice. It's my DREAM to help you achieve the same success or even MORE! So sign up today :-)
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